Cross Discipline Residencies

Winter Subsidised Self-Funded Residencies 2018/2019

This winter we are again hosting artists from across the UK and overseas for residencies of 1 - 3 weeks. During the winter we charge a reduced rate for…  read on

Shorelines Research Residency

Ruth Little

Writer/dramaturg Ruth Little returns to Cove Park with maker-curators , ,…  read on

Cryptic Residencies 2018

Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik), Alex Menzies, William Aikman, Robbie Thomson, Thembi Soddell, Veda Hille, Kathy Hinde, Heather Lander & Kin

  read on

Magnetic North: Space/Time Creative Retreat

Hanna Tuulikki, Lynda Radley, Tam Dean Burn, Mary Bourne, Elain Kordys

Space/Time is a creative retreat for experienced artists from all disciplines that asks the question “How does an artist keep developing?”  It aims to refresh participants through a stimulating…  read on

Ivan Juritz Prize Residency

Grzegorz Stefanski

The Ivan Juritz Prize was established in 2014 to celebrate the creative explosion of the modernist era and reward art that seeks to ‘make it new’. Postgraduate students…  read on

Artists in Schools 2017 – Rosneath Primary School Heritage project

Linda Florence

At the heart of this residency is a local heritage project which will contribute to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Rosneath Primary School in Argyll &…  read on

Artists in Schools 2017

Isabella Martin & Naomi O Kelly

This residency places professional artists in special educational needs departments of schools in the Argyll & Bute region. It is part of Cove Park's   read on

Cryptic 2017 – Josh Armstrong (Scotland)

Josh Amstrong

Josh Armstrong was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Scotland in 2006. He is an interdisciplinary Director, characterised by bold design, visual composition and artistic collaboration. Josh…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Stuart Macpherson (Scotland)

Stuart Macpherson

Stuart Macpherson is a freelance bassist and composer based in rural Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.  A keen collaborator, Stuart enjoys working with artists from different disciplines, drawing on…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Robbie Thomson (Scotland)

Robbie Thomson

Robbie Thomson is a Glasgow-based artist and theatre maker who works with kinetic sculpture, music, lighting design and technology. His latest work, XFRMR (developed from Ecstatic Arc presented…  read on

Researcher In Residence

Cove Park has worked with the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities on a pilot project to bring a PhD student here for 1 week's research residency.…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Charlie Knox and Euan McKenzie (Scotland)

Charlie Knox and Euan McKenzie

Based in Glasgow, Trudat Sound & Light is Charlie Knox and Euan McKenzie. Their work explores themes of perspective and the relative nature of detail and draws inspiration from…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Kathy Hinde (UK)

Kathy Hinde

Kathy Hinde’s work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. Drawing on inspiration from behaviours…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Eduardo VC (Mexico)

Eduardo VC

Eduardo VC was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico in 1986 and followed his passion for music initially through private piano lessons. After graduating with a BA Music (Cum…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Tuwis Yasinta (Uncle Twis) (Indonesia)

Tuwis Yasinta (Uncle Twis)

Uncletwis is a young Indonesian artist, whose work is focussed on using low technology and analogue systems characterised by the imagery of a red rambutan. He lives and works…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Gail Priest (Australia)

Gail Priest

Gail Priest is a sound artist from Sydney, Australia making experimental sound and electronic music that explores the interaction of the figurative and the abstract, the machinic and the…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Rob Bentall (UK)

Rob Bentall

Rob Bentall (b. 1989) is a sonic artist based in the UK. His main output thus far has been works for multi-channel sound. He is interested in aspects…  read on

Cryptic 2017 – Heather Lander (USA/Scotland)

Heather Lander

Heather Lander graduated from the MFA in 2015 with a distinction (1st class) and the Bram Stoker Medal awarded by the Director of the Art School to one…  read on

Luminate: Older Artists Lab

Annie Peel, Beatrix A Wood, Frank McIlhinney, Ian Cameron, Kate Clayton, Lesley Wilson

In February 2017, the first week-long Older Artists’ Lab takes place at Cove Park. This residency is led by and…  read on

Subsidised Self-Funded Winter Residencies 2016-2017

As part of our work to ensure Cove Park is an open, equal and inclusive organisation, with opportunities for artists and makers of all cultures, ages, creative disciplines…  read on

Magnetic North

’. Co-facilitated by Nick Bone and Alice McGrath, the artists selected for this…  read on

Creative Carbon Scotland

. This year the open call drew applications…  read on

Cove Park’s Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 Programme

During the autumn and winter of 2016 we are pleased to welcome a number of leading companies and organisations to Cove Park. Some, like the Edinburgh-based theatre company…  read on

Cove Park Translation Residency

Kate Griffin

2016 sees the launch of a major new strand of residences at Cove Park for translators and translation projects. Kate Griffin from Writers Centre Norwich is an Advisor…  read on

Self-Directed Residency

Annie Crabtree

Annie Crabtree is an artist, researcher and producer based in Glasgow. Having studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, and New Genres and Cultural Geography at San…  read on

Gill Robertson, Kirsty Whiten, Mark Storor

In 2010, in partnership with the Arches Theatre,   read on

Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca Spooner is a creative project manager and programmer based in Abergavenny and directs   read on

Magnetic North

Space/Time is a creative retreat for experienced artists from any art form that asks the question 'how does an artist keep developing?' Developed in partnership with Magnetic North,…  read on

Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 Programme

From 1 October 2015 to early Spring 2016 Cove Park will host a wide range of arts organisations, groups and individual artists. These groups and individuals will work…  read on

Cryptic Associates

Josh Armstrong, Robbie Thomson, Sven Werner

During March 2015, Cove Park will host three residencies organised by   read on

Self-Funded & Partnership Residencies, Winter-Spring 2015

From January to late April 2015, Cove Park will host a wide variety of self-funded and partnership residencies for individuals and organisations working in all art forms.  read on

Maria Fusco

Earlier this year, Maria Fusco was awarded a prestigious Artangel Open Commission. This commission will allow the Edinburgh-based writer to realise a new site specific performance and work…  read on

Johnny Barrington

Johnny attended the Glasgow School of Art and the Gothenburg School of Photography & Film. He went on to direct experimental short films and several pop promos, which…  read on

Janice Parker & Jo Verrent

We are pleased to welcome artist and choreographer Janice Parker back to Cove Park this autumn with collaborator Jo Verrent. Janice and Jo collaborated recently with 2014 resident…  read on

Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

This season we are pleased to welcome national and international artists to Cove Park. Using time on site to develop current and forthcoming projects, a number of these…  read on

International Writer Residency (Cross-Discipline)

Lizhen Liang

This residency offers an international writer the opportunity to develop their interdisciplinary projects and ideas in Cove Park's supportive environment and to make useful contacts across the artforms…  read on

Crafts, Literature & Visual Arts Residencies, 2014

Cove Park's summer 2014 programme of funded residencies will begin on 28 April. As in previous years, this programme will include residencies for national and international artists at…  read on

Self-funded Residencies

“It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The pod was luxurious, the views stunning, the local walks peaceful and inspiring, and everything so conducive to…  read on

Creative Catalysts 2013

Our 2013 Creative Catalyst programme focuses on Cove Park's natural landscape and is generously funded by the Big Lottery. Architect    read on

Crafts, Literature and Visual Arts Residencies 2013

Cove Park's summer 2013 programme will begin on 29 April this year. As in previous years, this programme includes both emerging and established artists from throughout the UK…  read on

Kristin Linklater: Freeing the Poets Voice

In this challenging, transformative masterclass poets learn how to access their own authentic voice when speaking their poems. The week comprises workshops in voice development designed for poets…  read on

Creative Catalyst

Jo Royle

The exchange of ideas and inspiration is at the heart of the Cove Park experience. To develop this further, Cove Park with the help of Jerwood launched the…  read on

Jerwood Residencies

Fuel Theatre

A continuing relationship with the Jerwood Charitable Foundation underpins Cove Park’s performing arts residencies. They are run in partnership with   read on

2012 Summer Programme

Cove Park's 2012 summer programme began on 30 April and will continue until mid-September. Details of all the individual and collaborative residencies within this programme are on this…  read on

Freeing the Poet’s Voice

Kristin Linklater

Freeing the Poet's Voice is a unique masterclass for poets devised and led by world renowned voice coach Kristin Linklater. Now running for the second year, it brings…  read on

Cryptic Nights Residency II, 2012

Rory Middleton

Edinburgh-based visual artist Rory Middleton returns to Cove Park for a second residency. During this time he will be developing his site-specific installation '  read on

Jerwood Creative Catalysts

The exchange of ideas and inspiration is at the heart of the Cove Park experience. To develop this further, Cove Park launched the Jerwood Creative Catalysts programme in…  read on

Freeing the Poet’s Voice

Kristin Linklater, the world renowned voice coach, who has worked on voice and performance skills with the likes of Donald Sutherland, Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray came to…  read on