As part of our work to ensure Cove Park is an open, equal and inclusive organisation, with opportunities for artists and makers of all cultures, ages, creative disciplines and at all stages of their career, in September 2016 we offered Subsidised Self-funded Winter Residencies throughout November & December 2016 and January 2017.

Proposals were invited from UK-based artists (individually or in groups), working in any creative discipline who would benefit from time, space and creative exchange on Scotland’s west coast. The following artists applied and were selected for this pilot programme this winter:

Emma Drye
Carl Heap
Heather Dryer
Ishbel McFarlane & Amy Conway
Julie Ann Sheridan
Kerry Lemon
Marta Carrascosa
Rhona Taylor
Maddie Coussens
Genevieve Herr
Lucy Avery
Jessica Phillippi
Julie Duffy

For future self-funded or partnership opportunities please sign up to our mailing list or email Assistant Director Catrin Kemp