In this challenging, transformative masterclass poets learn how to access their own authentic voice when speaking their poems. The week comprises workshops in voice development designed for poets by Kristin Linklater, the world renowned voice coach to leading actors including Donald Sutherland and Sigourney Weaver. You can find out more about Kristin’s method on her website.

There is a maximum of nine places, and participants stay in Cove Park’s unique Pods and Cubes. The week is self catering. Poets need to be reasonably fit, though no experience of voice coaching is necessary.

Freeing the Poet’s Voice runs Sunday April 14 to Thursday April 18 2013, with departures on Friday morning.

For a sense of what the experience might be like, read Polly Clark’s article on taking part in Magma:

“The way Kristin handled the group created a really supportive, ‘safe’ environment. I found the work very hard, but it’s wonderful to know that I’m capable of reading (or ‘speaking’) my poetry in a way that’s engaging and really communicates the content of the poem. I was surprised at how powerful and moving poetry performance can be. ” Kate Potts

“I feel completely different when I perform my poetry now, and I’m more confident at speaking, rather than reading my poems. It sometimes feels as if I’m encountering them, and the original impulse that started them, for the first time.” Jacqueline Saphra