Robbie Thomson is a Glasgow-based artist and theatre maker who works with kinetic sculpture, music, lighting design and technology. His latest work, XFRMR (developed from Ecstatic Arc presented at the Edinburgh Festival at Summerhall in 2013), had recent performances including Sonica, London; EXIT Festival at Maison des Arts et de la Culture de Créteil, Paris; Centro Nacional de las Artes (CENART), Mexico City; Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS), Morelia; The SUBSTATION, Melbourne; NuART Gallery, Bandung; Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, Surabaya; Auditorium LIP/IFI, Yogyakarta (Indonesia) as part of British Council’s UK/ID Festival and, Culture Station Seoul 284.

His work has also been shown at venues including the Fort du Bruissin Centre d’art Contemporain, Lyon; Festival De Keuze, Rotterdam; Barbican, CCA, ICA, Shunt, Fusion Festival, Govanhill Baths, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, The Arches, Transmission Gallery and The Woodmill (UK).

Robbie is a member of 85A; a collective that started in 2008 and has produced over 15 large-scale performance, visual art and film works to date. In 2011 he was involved in setting up the Glue Factory, an independent arts venue in Glasgow and since 2013 has been a Cryptic Associate. Thomson also worked closely with Untitled Projects on their last two major productions and NVA’s Hinterland at St Peter’s Seminary, which premiered in March 2016.