Annie Crabtree is an artist, researcher and producer based in Glasgow. Having studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, and New Genres and Cultural Geography at San Francisco Art Institute, she now works for public arts organisation NVA, is co-producer of public art projection project Picture Window, and is studying for a Masters of Research in Human Geography at the University of Glasgow.

“I am an artist, researcher and producer making moving image work that explores the layered and complex relationship between people, place, and society. I involve myself in the political dialogue surrounding how people are able to occupy places, and how people rebuff, reject and reinvent these restrictions through various methods and expressions.

I embody and process these issues by making artworks that take the form of non-linear narrative films, video essays, photographs or projected installations in public spaces. I interrogate contemporary and historical societal structures, such as laws and social norms, expectations and representations, which dictate and limit people’s movement and agency across borders and in landscapes. I am interested in the invisible boundaries that are drawn and are imposed because of people’s individual identities. I am interested in embodied knowledge, and being unapologetically yourself. I work towards making visible alternative narratives through my work, research, and approach. I identify as an intersectional feminist that makes work that acknowledges the presence and positionality of the maker and the context of the viewer.

By challenging restricting social structures that are embedded in movement and representation, I aim to engage the viewer in a dialogue that encourages them to ask how we understand people and places and how we might begin to reinvent our relationship to them.”