All and any Cove Park time is beyond precious.
Luke Pell, choreographer and dramaturge, Jerwood Resident 2015.

Cove Park’s independently-funded residencies provide opportunities for those with their own funding to take part in our annual programme. We welcome those able to self-fund and those who can meet the costs of the residency through the direct support of academic institutions, public funders or foundations.

Independently-funded residencies can take place throughout the year. Artists, of all abilities and at every career stage, working in all art forms, are welcome. We also welcome writers, producers, directors, curators, academics and those working in creative fields in the broadest sense.

Additionally, Cove Park offers independently-funded residencies to groups including arts and cultural organisations, artist ensembles and collectives. The time and space we provide can be used for retreat opportunities including artistic commissions, development and strategic planning. Full site bookings are available. In 2022, Cove Park has hosted groups and collectives such as The Flames, The Work Room, Unfix Festival, Magnetic North, Feminism Art Maintenance, Scottish Artist Union, and Brass Art.

Residents stay in private, self-catering accommodation set across Cove Park’s 50-acre site. If required, one of Cove Park’s five studios can be reserved. All residents have 24-hour access to the Jacobs Building, its communal kitchen, dining area, library, meeting and work spaces. Cove Park can accommodate groups of up to 14 individuals, more if there are couples within the group. For more information please see the Cove Park Accommodation Guide June 2022.

For more information, please contact Nicola Jamieson, Programmes & Development Coordinator, at