The Flames is a performance company for creative people aged 50 plus, who wish to create high quality, collaborative work.

Tricky Hat first established The Flames in Autumn 2016 as part of the Luminate Festival with participants working with professional artists to explore ideas, before devising pieces for live performance.

Tricky Hat is a Glasgow-based theatre company who takes a multimedia approach to participatory and professional work. The make theatre with and about people who live on the margins of society, and work with them to find a creative and credible voice to create high quality, collaborative, cross-arts events, with established artists.

Tricky Hat artists are delighted to come back to Cove Park with small groups of participants to do a residency supported by Creative Scotland. They wish to reflect on the new themes and techniques that have emerged in our work during the pandemic and explore how these can be developed in the future.

This year’s participants are: Eileen Finlay, Jess Fitzgerald, Jane Johnstone, Freda MacDonnell, Kerrie Ross, Kate Sloan, Polly Smith, and Marianne Yeomans.

Image: Tricky Hat (photography by Kim Beveridge)