We, the Landscape Research & Residency Project is a new art project by Live Performance Bazaar with a focus on ecology and nature protection. It brings artists and cultural managers together with natural scientists. The aim is to promote nature protection and restoration activities and to establish a dialogue between the artistic and scientific communities in Central Europe. In the current phase of the project’s development, we are inspired by examples of good practice abroad, especially in Northern and West Europe, through study visits and residencies. Live Performance Bazaar z.s. among other activities, organises the international Bazaar Festival which helps to promote the results of the research to inspire other Czech artists and involve them in the artistic process and professional discussion about topics such food ecology, re-wilding, wetlands restoration and natural protection in general. Two selected culinary artists, Suraia Abud and Heidi Hornáčková will be joining Live Performance Bazaar at Cove Park as part of the residency.

Heidi Hornáčková is an artist, performer, cook/baker and curator currently creating in Czech Republic and internationally. Her projects, in which food acts as a mediator of a shared moment, are rooted in contemporary visual art and experimental theater. She understands the process of food sharing as a unique mutual experience in time and space that allows for expanded opportunities for exploring perception and collective memory, using the playful, communal and transcendent potential of food to encourage neo-traditional ways of interpersonal/interspecies encounter.

Suraia Abud Coaik is a bio artist believer. She is a researcher, food anthropologist, chef and fermentist. Lives between Spain, Uruguay and Lebanon  creating  cultural connections between food cultures through artistic activations. How we interact with the environment, how tradition is invented and transformed, how migration transforms our perception of food? @suraia_abud

Featured Image: Heidi Hornáčková, Friends of Sleep Performative Feast; image below Suraia Abud, Hammana Artist House.