I wish I knew, 2006, Blind embossed etching

Hopkins is immersed in a poetic exploration of process and the working methods that she employs translate readily from painting into print. In her paintings she often layers onto a pre-formulated ground, trace by trace, interweaving and evolving a surface material into something entirely new, while retaining the resonance of what lies beneath. These concerns are the foundation for her new print for Cove Park, although Hopkins’ print doesn’t use the application of any ink.  Instead she employed an embossing process that creates a delicate and shifting translation of the score for the song I Wish I Knew How It Feels to be Free.  The printing plate has been developed from a lengthy process applied to an acetate photocopy of the music, with Hopkins almost completely erasing the reproduction, then meticulously re-working areas of the score so that it emerges from the page again like a handmade version.