In 2006 seven of the UK’s leading visual artists were commissioned by Cove Park to produce a new limited edition print. This work is available for sale individually or collectively in a high-quality presentation portfolio. Investing in the first Cove Park Portfolio is both an opportunity to acquire works by key contemporary artists and to support Cove Park’s internationally renowned residency programme. The proceeds from all sales goes directly to towards the development of new residency programmes.

The works in the portfolio use Cove Park – its location, history and context –as a starting point, as well as retaining a close relationship to the artist’s ongoing practice.  Each artist has explored the uniqueness of their chosen printmaking process, resulting in seven strong, individual pieces of work. Together, they form a coherent collection, bringing together seven of the UK’s most dynamic and successful artists; all graduates of Glasgow School of Art who have continuing close connections with the west of Scotland.

Overlapping interests and themes emerge through the full set of prints; a dialogue that explores notions of place and purpose, as well as touching on ideas of self-reference or self-consumption within the artwork itself. Louise Hopkins’ and Nathan Coley’s monochrome prints allude to the image disappearing within itself, while Claire Barclay’s work, though abstract in nature, depicts elements from the process of its construction. Simon Starling’s work links to his recent commission at Cove Park Autoxylopyrocycloboros, involving a cyclical journey on a boat, where the vessel eventually destroyed itself.  Cove Park’s locality is also implied in Christine Borland’s work, with an image of a nearby tree linking to wider issues of social and moral responsibility. Ross Sinclair also cites Cove’s location, and in a similar way to Graham Fagen, he uses cultural references and appropriated images to reflect on notions of personal and collective identity, simultaneously local and global.