This series of original art works were made by Abraham Cruzvillegas during his Cove Park residency in 2008. The residency culminated in a major solo exhibition ‘Autoconstrucci√≥n’¬†at CCA, Glasgow, in the same year. The works reflect the rural environment in which they were made, and the improvisational way in which the artist works. Employing the natural and industrial matter he finds around him, with an interest in testing its unstable physical state in combination with unlikely materials, the works are evidence of a personal, direct and physical response to the situation.

The series of 61 works uses sheep shit painted with gold acrylic paint, which is pressed on to tracing paper, to make unique and individual prints. The markings are reminiscent of landmasses; islands and continents. Abraham uses an architectural scale used in making or measuring from reduced scale drawings to indicate their connection to a larger landmass.

‘While walking around, in the breathtaking landscape of Cove Park, I just found beautiful things to be used as materials for creation: grass, wood, wool, rocks, earth and sheep shit. With this last one I draw some plans for building homes, designing new lands or imagining new continents. I used it as proving that – when you have nothing else – it is possible to transform anything into gold.’
(Abraham Cruzvillegas)

Please note – this edition is currently not available. Please contact Cove Park directly for further information.