Cove Park’s annual programme of funded residencies support research, the development of existing and new projects, collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and the production of new work and ideas. This year’s residencies were awarded following an open call for applications. All national and international artists, cultural practitioners, and researchers, working individually and collaboratively in all art forms, in the creative industries, and across disciplines, were eligible to apply. Cove Park’s residencies also support individuals at every stage in their careers.

The programme hosts those who urgently require the time, support, and facilities Cove Park can offer to develop their own work. A presentation or participation in a public event is not a requirement for our funded programme, but we are keen to support those who wish to work within and contribute to a community of artists, creative practitioners, and researchers, and to benefit from the experience of working alongside individuals and collaborators from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms. To facilitate exchange, discussion, and collaboration, Cove Park organises opportunities for residents to meet throughout the course of their residencies, and to participate in informal events, dinners, talks, studio visits and screenings.

We are also pleased to welcome those wishing to engage with Cove Park’s first enquiry, an exploration of, and series of projects, events, publications, and symposia connected to, the environmental crisis. This enquiry-based model – for the production of cross-disciplinary work and collective intelligence around pressing global concerns – is founded upon the belief that artistic research is uniquely placed to unpack some of the most acute problems of our times, and that the transformative power of the arts is amplified through collaboration and exchange with other disciplines, including academic and scientific research. During 2022 Cove Park will offer opportunities for residents to take part in and actively contribute to this enquiry.

The participating artists this year are:

Polly Barton (translator, England)
Miranda Bellamy & Amanda Fauteux (visual artists, Canada & New Zealand)
Mele Broomes (artist and creative director, Scotland)
Edd Carr (artist and researcher, England)
CAAS Collective: visual artist and amateur astronomer Rohini Devasher (India), educator and design researcher Sue Fairburn (Canada), architect and design researcher Barbara Imhof (Austria), & spaceship designer and entrepreneur Susmita Mohanty (India)
Zain Dada & Dhelia Snoussi (multi-disciplinary practitioners, England)
Ufuoma Essi (filmmaker, moving images and sound artist, England)
Tim Fab-Eme (writer, Nigeria)
Nic Green (maker and performing artist, Scotland)
Languid Hands (curators and multidisciplinary practitioners, England)
Sekai Machache (visual artist and curator, Scotland)
Hatty Nestor (writer, London)
Nilam Sari (maker and visual artist, Indonesia)
Hope Strickland (filmmaker and moving image artist, England)
Amanda Verlaque (theatre maker, Northern Ireland)

Please scroll down through our Artists page for more information on the practices and current work of each individual or collaborative duo/group.

We are grateful to members of our Advisory Committee for their expert advice and help throughout the application shortlisting process: Sepake Angiama, Erika Balsom, Meehan Crist, Taru Elfving, Cédric Fauq, Jorge González, and Vincenzo Latronico. We are also grateful to our former residents and Cove Park Associates Florence Dwyer, Jeda Pearl Lewis, and Ciara Phillips, and to our Trustees Lauren Dyer Amazeen, Ana Botella Díez de Corral, and Sumit Paul-Choudhury, for their involvement with the interviews for the shortlisted applications. Our About Us page features the biographies of all our Advisors and Trustees and learn more about the Cove Park’s Associates programme on our Alumni page.

Image, Miranda Bellamy & Amanda Fauteux; A Wardian Case, 4-channel 4K video installation, 2021, RM Gallery, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand (photography, Miranda Bellamy);