Lives and works in Glasgow.
Rob Churm graduated with a BA (Hons), Fine Art, from Glasgow School of Art in 2001.
Rob’s works on paper (primarily drawing in materials such as ink, Biro and Tipp-Ex) form the focus of his visual arts practice. In parallel with this, he has also initiated and collaborated on a number of successful projects such as The Drapeau Noir (2010) and Prawn’s Pee (2012) for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. These projects used the idea of a ‘temporary autonomous zone’ to create an environment in which experimentation could take place. Rob is also known for his work as a musician and performer and has published recordings of his bands Park Attack and Gummy Stumps.
Selected Solo Exhibitions
Flicking Glass Snails, Goodpress Gallery, Glasgow
Living with Ghosts, Hour Projects, Copenhagen
Exhaustion Hook, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
Chocolatier, Chert, Berlin
Ethanol Buzzgrid, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
Solo, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
Not these tones, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow
Group Exhibitions
Prawn’s Pee, Glasgow (With Rob Churm, Rebecca Wilcox, Oliver Pitt and Ben Ashton) part of the Open Glasgow Award for G.I. Festival of Visual Art 2012
Le Drapeau Noir, Glasgow (With Rob Churm, Raydale Dower and Tony Swain) part of the Open Glasgow Award for G.I. Festival of Visual Art 2010
Singing Yoghurt, Log, Bergamo, Italy (with Mick Peter, Owen Piper and David Sherry)
Double A-Side: The Bootleg, Fred, London
Liste Art Fair, Liste, Basel
Flugversuch mit Spurenkammer, Galerie Keinzle & Gmeiner, Berlin (Wolfgang Betke, Rob Churm, Aaron Curry, Joanne Greenbaum, Charlie Hammond, Richard Hawkins, Craig Mulholland, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Annette Ruenzler, Gary Stephan, Walter Swennen, Christopher Willams, Ericson/Ziegler)
‘To bring forth and give’, Sorcha Dallas Artist’s Print Project, Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow (curated by Sorcha Dallas)
Group Exhibition, Dais, Glasgow (with Sophie Mackfall)
Harry Smith Anthology Remixed, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
Liste, Basel run run, Collins Gallery, Glasgow (Curated by Sorcha Dallas and Alex Frost for Glasgow International)
Harry Smith Anthology Remixed, The Workstation, Sheffield
The Armory Show, The Armory Show, New York (with Sorcha Dallas)
Radar Eyes Art Show, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago
ArtForum,BerlinDoubleA-Side,CentreforFineArtandStedlijkMuseum Hertogenbosch, Hertogenbosch (Rob Churm, Steve Claydon, Tai Shani, Maaike Schoorel, Martin Waal, De Humobisten, Mario Mentrup & Volker Sattel, Ursula Mayer, Caron Geary/Cantankerous, Angie Reed, Janine Rostron/Planning To Rock, Heidi Kilpelainen/ H119- Curated by Ken Pratt) Harry Smith Anthology Remixed, Alt.Gallery, Newcastle
DIY:Design It Yourself, The Changing Room, Stirling
Open Space, Art Cologne, Cologne (4.1 Stand A14/E11)
Group Exhibition, Whitechapel Project Space, London (with SERIPOP)
If Not Now, Broadway 1602, New York (Curated by Sorcha Dallas. Supported by the British Council.)
Liste, Basel 2004 Group Exhibition, Mary Mary, Glasgow (With Martin Clark)
Cells Out, Old Bridgegate Court & Jail, Glasgow
Flicking Glass Snails (Nieves, Zurich)
Prawn’s Pee (Open Glasgow, Glasgow)
New House Whites by Gummy Stumps G.I. Own Art Editions Commission
Under Key Seventeen (argobooks, Berlin)
My Vision by Prame (self published)
The Thirteen Flashbacks of Prame (Something Haptic, Glasgow)