This two-month residency supports a visual artist based in Scotland at a key stage in their career. It enables the artist to undertake research, explore new ideas and make significant developments in their practice within the context of Cove Park’s international and cross-disciplinary programme.

Previous residents on this programme include Roderick Buchanan, Melanie Carvalho, Henry Coombes, Luke Fowler, Michael Fullerton, Fiona Jardine, Torsten Lauschmann, Stephen Sutcliffe and Hugh Watt.

Drawing is central to Rob Churm’s work and he produces works on paper using simple materials such as ink, Biro and Tipp-Ex. He is interested in how the use of pattern, space and the repetition of motifs can create meaning and, recently, has adapted his exploration of mark making to include the various processes afforded by printmaking and large-scale wall drawings.

Rob’s practice also involves his work as a musician and performer. Initially, the connection between his visual art practice and this area of his work was limited to the creation of poster and sleeve art. His growing interest in improvisation has recently led him to explore the relationship between his visual art and musican practices in more detail.

At Cove Park, Rob will develop his interest in working collaboratively, potentially through the creation of a series of on-site events. In parallel with this he will also develop a new body of work, focusing on the potential of sequential formats with these new drawings and their adaptation using the processes involved with book art and animation.