Cove Park was founded to give living artists opportunities to create freely and on their own terms. New work in the arts needs financial support as, for example, does original thought in science or medicine, and currently we need two kinds of help.

1.  A New Building 

In 2015 we will rebuild our artists centre. The current building is too small and very expensive to run. We have a design for a new space that offers both artists and public facilities to make, to explore and to share in the making of new work across the art forms. It also increases our capacity from ten to twelve bedrooms and adds two properly equipped studios. Creative Scotland has committed  approximately 45% of the £1.4 million costs and we are within £100,000 of our target.

If you do wish to help, you can donate via the ‘Donate’ button top right. Any contribution, large or small, will be hugely appreciated. Thank you! You can also support Cove Park by purchasing a unique limited edition ceramic Swallow!

Sketch of proposed exterior                            Proposed floor plan
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Follow the progress of the capital project on our Cove Park Development Blog

2.  Residencies

New buildings make it possible to run new residency programmes.  Two of them are:


Up until now we have offered opportunities to individuals and collaborating groups, but never to an individual who needs focused time with another person. With two more bedrooms, we can offer One-to-One residencies throughout our annual programme.


Additional and upgraded artists’ and public facilities mean a much expanded set of programmes for our wider community, programmes that will promote participation by anyone wanting a hands-on experience of the arts: making, doing and writing.

These are examples of what we can do with better facilities. Creative Scotland’s annual grant allows us to plan these and all our programmes with a degree of confidence, paying for about 50% of their costs. But this leaves 50% to find from private sources. If you want to support us in giving an artist what could be a career-changing opportunity, please get in touch.