Maureen Wolloshin is an oboist, improviser and practice-led researcher. Her work explores the embodied connection between instrument and sounding. Henry Dagg has designed and made for her a new instrument–the gliss anglais, which extends the gestural scope of her work.

Maureen’s practice is experimental and feminist. It is a ‘making with’; a collaborative and enriching co-creating with others, objects and her situation. She improvises in a duo with Kurdish cellist Khabat Abas and in 2022 was invited to Kurdistan to participate in a week long residency as part of Space 21 Festival.

Creative outputs include film, scores and audio which are political and empathetic. Carceral Scrivings, a documentation of her experience in Kurdistan, and Learning to Live..Again.. commissioned in 2020, have both received critical acclaim. Maureen has been invited to present her research by a number of institutions across Europe and her work is published in Echo Journal.

At Cove Park, she will work on the final piece in a 2023 triptych of ‘invitations’. These ‘scores’ act as starting points for improvised collaborations. As a series they include free improvisation, text score and video. Two of these pieces are complete. A was performed at Wandelweiser Collective’s Klangraum Festival. Ayub and the Tobacco Factory was commissioned and performed by Bl!ndman.