Lizzie Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Oban and based in Ardfern in Argyll. Her work bears witness to what is slipping through our fingers, celebrating beauty and energy, whilst also engaging in stories that need to be told to enable change. Her installations combine literal storytelling and activism, with elements of inconvenience and maintenance that demand continued process and involvement.

Her most recent installation, Carbon Legacy, is currently in and around Kilmartin Museum. This is a multi-disciplinary response to a neolithic cursus monument, which explores how the collective action of our ancestors changed our surroundings and impact our current relationship with the land: carbon marks from the past that resonate with the current climate crisis. A previous installation, Sea of Change 79, was a response to rising sea levels.

Lizzie’s paintings and drawings encompass immediate response alongside inner ponderings on our relationship with the rest of nature. She is currently researching environmentally sound alternatives for traditional paints.

This residency will offer Lizzie time for reflection on her practise, alongside continued exploration of sustainability within all her practise.