Pamela Carter lives in London. She is a writer for performance, director, and dramaturg, and has worked in theatre, dance, opera, film, the visual arts, and museum design since 2004. Her plays have been performed in Europe, the USA, Australia and Japan.

Her most recent work includes: The Misfortune of the English, a play for the Orange Tree Theatre; We Are In Time, a chamber opera about a heart transplant, composed by Valgeir Sigurdsson for the Scottish Ensemble; Them!, a large-scale performance for the National Theatre of Scotland about identity and change with a cast including a colony of 150,000 leaf-cutter ants, and made with her long term collaborator Scottish director/designer Stewart Laing.

At Cove Park, she will be working on a theatre adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man for the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne.

Image by Max Zerrahn.