Dr Susannah Haslam is an independent research practitioner and tutor (research) in humanities at the Royal College of Art in London. She currently works in collaboration with Dr Dani Admiss, Lou Marcellin, Araceli Camargo, Megha Ralapati, Apex Zero, and Charles Pryor developing an open curriculum for the Sunlight Doesn’t Need A Pipeline project and the Sunlight Liberation Network. Between 2019-2022 Susannah was a research fellow with Theatrum Mundi as part of the Making Cultural Infrastructure project. Susannah’s research navigates loving and equitable relationships between contemporary education and cultural institutions and infrastructures; queer and critical subjects, solidarities, pedagogies, practices and environments; tertiary-level educational alternatives and expansions. Susannah wrote her PhD on the ‘Educational Turn’ in art and alternative art education, and previously studied visual cultures.

At Cove Park Susannah will review and develop the open curriculum on carbon, solidarity, and work.