Lotte Gertz’s studio-based practice involves painting, printmaking and collage. She works on various types of unprimed fabric and linen, typically by-passing the stretcher by attaching the fabric straight to the wall. Often using mono-printing to begin these works, she then develops the painting by using watercolour, acrylic and collage. In this way her work alludes to the alternative traditions of craft and textiles whilst remaining in the canonised history of painting, allowing Lotte to explore and play with notions of hierarchy and value.

During her month-long residency at Cove Park, Lotte will focus upon material experimentation in both painting and printmaking, employing new materials and experimenting with scale, form and subject.

Image: Left in the ground and picked up again, acrylic and watercolour on calico & linen, 105x120cm, 2017