Siôn Parkinson is a sound artist, composer, performer and writer. Animals and other non-human subjects have frequently featured in Siôn’s art and music, but for the last three years his work has focussed on one species of mushroom in particular, the stinkhorn. Recent works include a short puppet animation for the BBC, a perfume score for tuba virtuoso Jack Adler-McKean, and a piece commissioned by Red Note Ensemble exploring the music of smell hallucinations. Siôn was an Amanda Burton scholar at the University of Leeds where he studied sound in relation to ‘bad’ smells. He is currently writing a natural history of the stinkhorn, due to be published in spring 2023.

Image: Siôn Parkinson, Stink Music for Voice, Theremin & Modular Synth, 2020, Performance, Duration 45 mins., Costume by Matty Bovan (photography, Donald Milne, 2020)