Claudia Berghorn is a German writer and life writing teacher who works both in German and in English. Claudia has published two anthologies of life writing with her German students and is now working on her first collection of poetry. In her 365-day project this year, as a modern interpretation of the ancient Japanese tradition of Haiga, she publishes one digital collage on Instagram every day, combining her own Haiku and photography. Currently, two of her Haiga are represented in „Open Wall“, an art exhibition in her home town of Muenster, Germany. In her PR day job, Claudia represents an international congregation of Franciscan Sisters; her biggest project at the moment is documenting the eventful life of Sisters aged 80 and over, using film and photography. These life portraits will also be published as a book, while the younger Sisters will be interviewed in a pod cast Claudia is preparing to start next year. Claudia holds an MA in English Literature from Muenster University; she fell in love with Scotland almost 40 years ago when she spent a „Semester Abroad“ at University of St Andrews.