Kseniia is a textile and costume designer, sound artist, performance artist, musician and hair designer. Born in Kyiv, between 2017 and 2019, Kseniia studied at the Igor Sikorskyi Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Resource Conservation for Renewable Energy Sources. From 2020-2022, she was part of the Odessa community of resident artists, OSRZ-2, based at the former shipyard. During the first weeks of the war, the community travelled to Lviv, where they established a residence/open workshop, OSRZ-4, to provide support, space and tools for displaced artists.  Kseniia is currently part of the Beauty Studio volunteer group based in South Ukraine providing support to communities from territories that have been liberated as well as delivering various cultural projects, creating objects from the garbage left behind. Her current projects include Beauty Studio, OSRZ-4, the performative hair salon – raiskii raiiii (paradise heaven) trash atelier – circulation of infernation and new music project, vixiii.

Cryptic’s artist residency programme provides professional development time and support for musicians and digital artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice, whilst engaging with other artists and receiving peer-to-peer learning. The emphasis of Cryptic’s residency programme is on research and the development of existing or new work and is not geared towards a final presentation.

This talent development opportunity is essential for both the artists and for Cryptic in nurturing the next generation of creative talent. Ultimately, the combination of international and UK artists at various stages in their career is what makes the learning experience so inspiring and for many artists it’s the ‘must go’ date in their calendar. Since 2012, Cryptic has curated this annual artist residency programme at Cove Park focusing on music, sound and multi-media, with over 78 artists benefitting.