The Jerwood Residencies 2016 support the creation of new work and new ways of working by Scottish artists working collaboratively. Generously funded by the Jerwood charitable trust since 2002, four residencies of two weeks each focus on research and experiment rather than development of a specific project and take place within the interdisciplinary setting of Cove Park.

Theatre Artist Ellie Griffiths will spend the time at Cove Park with her collaborators; Composer, Singer and Musical Director Verity Standen, and Live artist, Cellist and Performer Greg Sinclair. Together they will explore a starting point for making a specialised piece of theatre/live art for neurodiverse audiences, that can also be appreciated and valued as part of a wider contemporary performance context. As this is a new collaboration, the Cove Park residency will give the artistic team vital time and space to get to know each other as artists and explore their possibilities as a creative team. There are plans to further develop this work, touring the UK in the later part of 2017.