Kate Young is a musician and composer from Edinburgh. Her work is driven by the exploration of new sounds found in traditional musics around the globe, which feed into her compositional world. As a musician, Kate combines voice with fiddle-playing techniques to conjure intriguing soundscapes as she navigates her way across musical genres. A recipient of the prestigious Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers 2018 has allowed her to continue developing her own practice of composition across the fields of folk, classical and experimental music. More recently, Kate has graduated from a Masters in Expanded Scenography in the Netherlands, where her research took her to further research the
synaesthetic world inhabited by her experience of composing in sonic form; by developing participatory theatrical environments for the spectator.

Her residency in Cove Park will allow time for her to work on new compositions, whilst also continuing development of her unique compositional artistic system informed by biomimesis and visual-spatial developments.

Photography by Emile Holba.