Whether it’s birds, flowers, hares, trees or landscapes, Sandra Vick’s work is quintessentially about capturing the essence. She looks for patterns and shapes, colours and tones, lines and textures that capture the import aspects of her subject that only they have. Whether it’s the shape and movement of a bird or hare, the clash and jumble of colours and shapes of flowers, the trunk and branches of the tree that show it’s personality or the shapes and colours in the landscape, it’s about capturing the essentials that give the viewer the sense of it.

All of Vick’s work is inspired by the natural landscape on both a micro (birds, hares, flowers, trees) or macro (wider landscapes). She works in mixed media for her research and final pieces. She makes use of printing techniques, drawing, paintings and collage. She enjoys mark making and playing around with layers and colours to achieve texture to my work. Each work is built up of layers, sometimes completed over years and sometimes over hours.

Vick is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art with both undergraduate BA(Hons)Drawing and Painting and a scholarship funded post graduate Masters in Fine Arts, specialising in Drawing and Painting. She has spent the past 16 years working on her art part-time as she has been the primary carer to her children (one of who is autistic so needs extra support).

At Cove Park she plans to respond to the natural environment by working inside and outside of the building. Researching the area in sketchbooks through drawing, and mixed media work and then bigger on paper and canvas.