A visual artist, geographer, and researcher, Anne’s practice is anchored around human-environment connections and experimental printmaking. Physical and metaphorical journeys are influential and intrinsic, particularly linking place and identity. She is concerned with peripheries, boundaries, and unseen spaces, balancing her own creative work with collaborative environment-arts engagement projects. These activities have reciprocal influence. A passionate advocate for rural contemporary artists and fair pay for creatives, she is generous with her practice and experience.

Anne’s work about our landscapes is increasingly a two-way process – the non-human involved in creating the artwork – rather than simply depicting human perspectives. Working with The PLACE Collective enriches and supports this trajectory. She is considering her creative presence in the environment in terms of closer relationship-building with nature.

This is driving progressively more multi-disciplinary work. Her printmaking practice is evolving through rigorous play to integrate sculpture, creative writing, and digital elements, facilitating deeper exploration of her themes. Her Cove Park residency is funded through a Creative Scotland VACMA award. She will be researching and experimenting with 3D papermaking techniques to complement her existing printmaking and sculptural practice, resulting in place-based artwork(s) created in collaboration with the landscape

Image provided by the artist.