Chris Bogle is a writer and filmmaker based in the North East of England. He is currently in the first year of a practice-based PhD in creative writing at Northumbria University, where he is writing his first full length fiction work, a road novel which attempts to answer philosopher and journalist Mark Fisher’s challenge that ‘it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism’. His writing and film work explores the neoliberalist appropriation and domination of cultural, internal, and physical space, and tries to imagine where successful counter hegemonies may emerge from.

Chris has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and is interested in ways in which neurodiversity shapes the writing process and the spaces between critical thinking and creativity. The time at Cove Park is being funded through an Arts Council Developing Your Creative Practice grant. He is planning to use this time to achieve a focussed period of writing to finish a first draft of his novel.