Coby Sey is an artist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Lewisham, London. Coby has developed a truly singular voice as both a producer and performer, weaving together threads from jazz fusion, hip-hop, post-punk and club music to create something wholly new. Though his output almost seems collaborative by nature – frequently seen working alongside acclaimed artists Tirzah, Mica Levi, Kwes, Klein and more – his debut solo album “Conduit” released on AD 93 in 2022 and his EPs “River” (2020) and “Whities 010: Transport for Lewisham” (2017) provide a perfect example of his distinct vision.  

Across his solo discography he employs a unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic-based material to hypnotic and sometimes unnerving effect. On stage, these dreamlike compositions are fleshed out by live instrumentation courtesy of regular cohorts Leisha Thomas (Alpha Maid), Ben Vince, Charlie Hope and Momoko Gill (MettaShiba).  

Coby’s open-door approach to sharing and making music stretches to his work with London Contemporary Orchestra – with London collective CURL – and a regular slot on NTS Radio which offers a portal into his appealingly murky musical world. 

Coby says: ‘I aim to write my next music release: the next chapter of my musical journey, after 2 years of touring. I know that my time at Cove Park, my recent travels and life happenings will help to inform the direction and subjects of this next release.’

Featured image by Ksenia Burnasheva.