Following an open call for applications in Autumn 2022, Andrew Rubens was awarded a 4-week funded residency. Cove Park’s programme of funded residencies support research, the development of existing and new projects, collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and the production of new work and ideas. All national and international artists, cultural practitioners, and researchers, working individually and collaboratively in all art forms, in the creative industries, and across disciplines, were eligible to apply. Cove Park’s residencies also support individuals at every stage in their careers.

Andrew Rubens is a writer, translator and poet from Edinburgh. His work has appeared in Gutter and had special mention in Mountaineering Scotland’s poetry competition. He is an expert on the French-Romanian interwar poet and philosopher Benjamin Fondane, translating his work for New York Review Books. His other translations include contemporary French poetry by Benjamin Guérin, the philosophy of Jean-Luc Marion and Lebanese author Dominique Eddé’s memoir Jean Genet’s Crime. He enjoys translating ‘with four hands’ and has previously collaborated with Henry King and with Ros Schwartz. He believes Scots is for everyone, if they want to be for it. 

Andrew says: “I will use my time at Cove Park to immerse myself in translating Calvino directly from Italian into Scots, and to develop ideas for projects related to the translation.”

Image provided by the artist.