Ellie Bush is an artist and practice-based PhD student at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. She is interested in how art-based approaches can examine and amplify animal and plant temporalities specific to British rainforest ecologies and how more-than-human time is experienced in varying embodied and sensed ways. As an artist she has exhibited in Edinburgh, London and Reykjavík. She received a Creative Scotland Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award in 2021, supporting a SÍM (The Association of Icelandic Artists) residency in Iceland. She is fascinated by trees, lichens and mosses and is currently working on an article for the sound art journal Row of Trees, which will focus on sound recording experiments from within trees to consider themes of time and shared intimacy across species bodies. Ellie is a member of the University of Edinburgh Humanimal Kind research cluster and loves participating in the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities PhD Lab. In 2023 she was a participant on the SGSAH British Council Scotland Earth Scholarship cohort building programme.