Based in Dundee, Rhona Jack is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture, printmaking and fibre art. She has a particular interest craft processes and describes her work as often ‘… blurring the lines between art, craft and design.’ This interest stems in part from her research into industrialisation and mass production processes, which served to obscure the role of the individual maker and the value of the handmade. She has written that ‘The hand of the artist is always present throughout my work, and the tactility of materials is of high importance. Every inch of the work has been handled by me, and the hours spent making are recorded in every stitch, every knot, every joint, every interwoven strand. My work is made primarily of reclaimed materials that long to be touched, and hold within them a history of touch.’

Rhona is one of 11 artists taking part in the Crisis Residency Programme, 2020/21. This time will allow her to build upon the new work, developed this year for an exhibition with Edinburgh Art Festival, focussing upon cycles of production, consumption and waste within the textile industry. The residency provides an opportunity to reflect upon recent projects and to consider future directions.


Image: Rhona Jack, ‘Trouble Maker Heart Breaker’ (detail), recycled textiles, 2020