Fiona Percy is a visual, mixed media textile storyteller from Forres, Moray. She identifies as a queer, menopausal, disabled, neurodivergent, care giver, her work reflecting the intersectional nature of self. Her methodology cycles through continual creative loops; gather, create, destroy, repeat.

She graduated from UHI with a BA(Hons) Fine Art Textiles in 2018 and PG Dip Art and Social Practice in 2022. Personal responses and socially engaged group work are two strands that ply together within her larger practice.

Exploring heritage crafts along with contemporary artistic practice she plays with ideas relating to nature’s reciprocity, its recurring iterations echoing her bodily interactions.

Her material choices including flora, fibre, and folk knowledge imbue a readable provenance within her work. Copper is also significant representing conduction, transformation, and protection.

She has worked with several marginalised groups from within northeast Scotlands Rural community, exploring the individual and collective lived experience together with ownership of place.

Forced othering and invisibility, be it consensual or not, fractures both personal and communal sense of self and through these interactions, bridges are spanned between disparate communities of practice.

She creates maps of place and people working as cyphers for new migratable artefacts. These artefacts are tactile repositories of the traced and forsaken, a challenge issued to the empirical heteronormative, they hold layers of place, time, and self.

This residency gives her gathering time and space for reflection as she weaves back together her creative selves and unpacks the internal marks left by long term caring duties.