Heather Marshall (she/her) is a queer, disabled artist, writer and facilitator. She often works under the company name Creative Electric where she creates theatre, live art and tape art with and for people that may not traditionally engage in the arts due to social, physical and/or financial barriers.

She is the only professionally practising Tape Artist in Scotland. Heather developed her practice over lockdown as a way to communicate with her community, creating a short film with Imaginate ‘My Aunties a Vandal’ and delivering tape art packs to community groups throughout Scotland. She has created murals and tape art campaigns throughout Scotland for a variety of organisations, most recently collaborating with mental health charity Tiny Changes to create the tape art poem ‘A Call to Ears’ which was installed in Mull, Iona, Oban, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

As a writer Heather has been working with the Tron Theatre to develop She’s on the roof which explores her relationship to the Barlinnie jail riots and societies attitudes to protest today. She is also writing an adaption of Medusa, in contemporary Scots, that challenges the idea that Medusa was a monster. This has been supported by Stellar Quines and Creative Scotland.

Heather is currently leading on a research programme with ITAC and the Lincoln Centre, New York which explores at global disability culture. Her access statement policy is now being used across all departments in the Lincoln Centre as well as in a variety of Scottish arts organisations and rehearsal rooms.

Creative Residencies for Carers is a new Cove Park programme offering short, five-night residencies for unpaid adult carers living in Scotland. This programme is supported by the Short Breaks Fund operated by Shared Care Scotland. It aligns with the aims, objectives, and requirements of this Fund by offering carers respite and supported time to focus upon their own wellbeing.