Join us at CCA Glasgow Cinema on 1st November 2022, from 6:30pm – 8:00pm for this special Cove Park event.

Encounters with Climate presents new films and exploratory work developed this year at Cove Park and throughout the UK which document intergenerational learning and decision-making in relation to climate management.

Congenial Soils and Favourable Situations by Alison Scott and Rachel McBrinn

Filmed across the Argyll area, taking us from the experimental mono-cultural forestry of Kilmun Arboretum, to sites of Atlantic Rainforest at Cormonachan Community Woodland, Taynish National Nature Reserve, Barnluasgan, and recent planting of native tree species at Cove Park.

The film moves from blocks of planted forest to fragmented pockets of native woodland—from one management system to another. Paying close attention to the language and history of forest management and how this might develop into the future, we ask, what is allowed to grow, and what is not?

Responding to the Scottish rainforest, the film is a poetic document of collaborative learning which expands from observational documentary footage, conversations, and a critical engagement with place.

Rainforest Days part of the Artists in Schools programme led by artist Juliana Capes.

A suite of three short responses to Scotland’s rainforest, made entirely from footage and descriptive audio taken by pupils of Hermitage Academy and Lochgilphead High School.

Scottish premiere of Air Quotes by Louis Brown (East London Cable).

Shot in the style of a TV show, Air Quotes by Louis Brown (East London Cable), cuts between a group of inner-city London teens who are regularly exposed to toxic levels of air pollution, and young people involved in a school Eco Committee in Helensburgh, Scotland, to explore climate justice and the uneven impacts of policies intended to achieve net-zero.
The youth collaborators hold round-table discussions, interview activists, and use a portable camera kit to interview adults in their lives.

The conversations they record reflect an intergenerational commitment to achieving climate targets, inflected with uncertainty about the impact individuals can make. There are conflicts of interest too. As a girl in London puts it: ‘I’m going to die young and it’s my mum’s fault!’

Join us for a Citizen’s Panel event before the screenings, and share your views on new net-zero climate policies with researchers.
A press release to accompany the premiere of Air Quotes is available here.

Congenial Soils and Favourable Situations and Rainforest Days were commissioned by Cove Park and ACT: Argyll & the Isles Coast & Countryside Trust, who together form the Argyll Beacon, one of 7 Scotland-wide Climate Beacons funded by Creative Carbon Scotland,

Air Quotes was commissioned by Jessie Krish for Imperial College London, with support from Cove Park and the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust. A press release to accompany the premiere of Air Quotes is available here.