Resident Guidance:

We are committed to minimising the risks of COVID-19 for our residents and staff and need your understanding and co-operation to achieve this. As members of the Cove Park community, we all have a responsibility to follow guidance to minimise transmission and to reduce the risk of infection as much as we can. We will continue to undertake enhanced cleaning procedures across Cove Park and provide hand sanitiser and face masks.  

We will not require residents to wear a face mask while at Cove Park but support you if you wish to do so. We appreciate that everyone has various levels of comfort and would ask that you respect your fellow residents’ desires for physical distancing etc. 

We will no longer request that residents undertake a lateral flow test before travelling to Cove Park but do ask that you remain vigilant for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your arrival and during your stay.  

If you begin to feel unwell, we will be able to provide you with a lateral flow test if required. If you test positive when at Cove Park, please remain in your accommodation and inform a member of staff to avoid other residents and staff being exposed. We would then ask you to travel home if possible or remain in isolation at Cove Park if this is possible.  

Useful strategies to minimise the risk of contagion are: 

– Wear a face mask when in proximity if you wish 

– Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser  

– Observe physical distancing if you prefer 

– Sneeze or cough into a tissue and bin it immediately 

– Avoid touching your face, particularly nose, eyes, and mouth 

Cove Park will: 

– Ensure that all appropriate cleaning is undertaken in Jacobs building and accommodation. 

– Provide hand sanitiser and disposable face coverings

– Maintain good ventilation in shared spaces  


Updated as of 10 May 2022