Cove Park’s new Associates programme is live!

This membership programme offers ongoing support and new residency opportunities to all our former national and international residents. In 2022, a pilot year, we are pleased to award two funded residencies and other paid opportunities, plus invite our Associates to a range of Cove Park events throughout the year. Four Associates were invited to work with us as Advisors to our 2022/23 funded residency programmes, and several Associates have taken part in on our engagement programme of workshops and public events (work that is paid at Scottish Artist Union Rates). UK-based Alumni will continue to be invited to take part in international residencies designed in collaboration with partner organisations, such as the current Cove Park/Varuna writers’ programme. Finally, Associates with the funding to support their own residencies at Cove Park will receive a 10% discount on the cost and incremental discounts will apply to all subsequent bookings.

Associates will receive a biannual newsletter, highlighting alumni-focussed opportunities, events, and projects. Both our library at Cove Park, and our soon-to-be redesigned website, will feature sections highlighting the work of our former residents.

As the programme expands, we will introduce additional creative and professional development opportunities, including One-to-One residencies for those working in collaboration, micro-residencies for those focussing upon an urgent project, and mentoring. We hope the programme as it develops will allow us not only to continue to offer new opportunities for our Associates, but also to maintain connections between our alumni and Cove Park, and amongst the former residents themselves.

To contribute towards the development of this programme, we are inviting Associates to make an annual recommended donation of £25. However, membership is offered on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. Those able and happy to pay more (to ‘pay forward’ or to contribute on behalf of those unable to make a contribution) will be welcome to do so. Payments can also be made in instalments.

To join, please complete and submit the Associates Form.

We would like to thank our Founding Associates and all those that gave their time and advice: Laura Aldridge, Jordan Baseman, Florence Dwyer, Lauren Gault, Ashanti Harris, Ainslie Henderson, Genevieve Herr, Raisa Kabir, Jasleen Kaur, Heiba Lamara, Hope Dickson Leach, Duncan Marquiss, Luke Pell, Ciara Phillips, Oliver Raymond-Barker, James Rigler, David Sherry, Michael Stumpf, James Thompson.

Image: Scarlett Cohen French, Craft & Design resident, 2018 (photography, Alan Dimmick)