Monika Smekot is an independent video and dance artist based in Glasgow, weaving together her practice in dance and cinematography. Her training in contemporary dance and various other dance styles and techniques gives her an ability to read and understand movement for the camera.

Monika has worked as a performer with various choreographers and has also produced her own work. Together with Iraya Noble she co-created a dance theatre ‘un dó’, which focused mainly on screen dance. Her strong interest in dance improvisations helps her continuously look for new points of view for the camera.

Monika has produced short dance films, experimental films, documentations of creative processes and interviews. She has also curated series of dance films screenings, organised by The Work Room and screened at CCA. She is enthusiastic about supporting independent artists, which led her to create POZAproject – a platform that facilitates-focused research in and between the fields of dance/movement/ sound/ video and performance.

Monika is also a mother of two little children.

During the residency at Cove Park Monika will be researching the possibilities that camera and dance/movement offers in telling the story of her relationship with her visually impaired son. How the camera can offer the variety of perspectives and how the dance can convey the most intimate and complex experiences of a mother dealing with visually impaired child.

For this project Monika will be collaborating with Aya Kobayashi – Glasgow-based choreographer and Fergus Dunnet – Glasgow-based visual artist.

This is the third time that Cove Park and The Work Room have partnered to offer 2 dance artists and their collaborators residencies which explore a new dimension of creative practice.

Monika Smekot

POZA project

Aya Kobayashi 

Fergus Dunnet