Maiko Tsutsumi’s creative practice explores the potential of inherent material qualities and the power and the nature of human skills and ingenuity that reconfigure such qualities to create affective quality. Inspired by the power of ethnological objects, folk objects and tales, and ancient architectural details that speak of the nature of humanity, she engages with practice and theory through the maker’s sensibility that she cultivated during her original training in craft practice (woodwork and Japanese lacquer work).

After working in design industry and later in higher education pursuing academic and pedagogical research investigating the nature of tacit knowledge, materiality and creativity through curatorial and teaching practices, she has shifted her focus back to her studio practice where she has been building a body of sculptural and functional work in found wood (carved or whittled), Japanese urushi lacquer, and porcelain.
The current aim of her practice is to integrate all modes of her practice into a holistic whole to continue her inquiry and to explore ways to invite others to engage with it.