Kieran Baxter is a communication design specialist focusing on landscape change (glacial recession). Working with historical photographs, rephotography, photogrammety and CGI techniques, he produces films that powerfully demonstrate the effects of global warming on vulnerable environments. Ideally, I’d like to invite Kieran up to join me for part of my presentation, including showing a short video (ca. 10 mins) as an example of the kinds of art-and-science based interventions we’re placing at the center of community fora in our ILLUMINAS initiative to help stimulate constructive multi-stakeholder dialogues on climate changing mitigation and adaptation efforts. I’m not sure which film (or film segment) we will be showing yet, as there are numerous possibilities we could draw on, but it could well be the following film, After Ice, produced this year by Kieran and another member of the ILLUMINAS team, Thorvardur Arnason.