Hermione Spriggs makes objects and experiences that aim to stretch and broaden our perception of what it means to be human. Working at the intersection of art, anthropology and ecology, her projects activate playful engagements with other species and perspectives. How does a feral parakeet see the world? What is it like to be a lasso?

Spriggs has collaborated with nomadic herders in Mongolia, entomologists and hypnotists in California, allotment holders in London, geologists in Iceland and (currently) animal trappers in North Yorkshire. Her collaborative project the Anthropology of Other Animals (“AoOA”) attempts to elicit extraordinary effects from unpromising materials, and explores the hidden links between “craft” and “being crafty.”

Spriggs has recently worked with Tate Exchange, The Showroom, Arts Catalyst and greengrassi (London). Her edited volume Five Heads: Art, Anthropology and Mongol-Futurism is published by Sternberg Press. She is currently completing practice-based PhD research with a focus on rural pest control in Northern England, asking how hunters communicate with animals and exploring the relevance of a ‘hunting attitude’ to ecological art practice.