This winter we are again hosting artists from across the UK and overseas for residencies of 1-2 weeks.

During the winter we charge a reduced rate for independently-funded residencies, allowing more artists to benefit from the facilities Cove Park provides. This year’s participating artists are:

Agata Zalewska, Scenographer and Playwright
Hazel Atkinson, Writer
Jamie George, Printmaker, Sculptor and Writer
Therese Lynch, Painter and Video Artist
Nadia Kliendanze, Printmaker
Ruth Gilligan, Writer
Jon Walter, Writer
Elizabeth Murphy and Adrian Howard, Radio Play Producers
Pauline Hughe, Writer
Emma Musty, Writer
Joanne Garner, Jeweller
Lindsay Boyd, Sculptor, Painter, Dancer
Nicholas Cole-Hamilton, AV Artist
Dan Shay, Filmmaker
Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Visual Artist
Clara Rueprich, Visual Artist and Filmmaker
Josephine Burton and collaborators (Dash Arts)
Caroline Williams and Christina Hardinge, Performance Artist and Filmmaker
Simon McAuley, Visual Artist
Katie Harrison, Writer.

Artists have received funding from a variety of sources to enable them to take up this opportunity. If you would be interested in bringing your idea or project to Cove Park in 2019 or beyond, please get in touch with