In February 2019 Cove Park was awarded funding from British Council Scotland and Creative Scotland to develop a new residency programme produced in collaboration with partners based in EU nations. The aim of this programme is to maintain and develop cultural partnerships between Scotland and these nations at a pivotal moment in the cultural landscape of Europe. More information on this programme and our partners is available here.

Working in partnership with the SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands, Cove Park is pleased to host artist Klaas Burger for two weeks this autumn. Burger’s participatory practice is ‘…deeply rooted in the belief that art has the power to impact and connect. All (of his) projects are collaborations so their ‘ownership is communal.’ You can read more about the artist’s practice and his recent projects on the SEA Foundation’s website here.

Image: ‘Camping Kafka: Lost at home’, 2017 – now. Public debate inside the installation. More and more camps in The Netherlands are inhabited by people searching for affordable housing, but living on recreation grounds is forbidden. Camping Kafka: Lost at home is an artistic action research by Klaas Burger in collaboration with graphic designers Ruben Pater, Yacinth Pos, policy makers, campsite residents and others. Photo: Mike Harris / Academie voor Beeldvorming.