Applied Arts Scotland and  Cove Park are delighted to announce the selection of Scottish and Thai makers for a special residency as part of the ‘Meet, Make, Collaborate’ project supported by Creative Scotland and the British Council. This project brings makers from Scotland together with makers from Thailand for 10 days to develop new work together on the themes of collaboration, identity and sustainability in craft practice. An exhibition of the resulting work, alongside work from other making partnerships from Scotland, Mexico and Canada, will open at Thurso Museum on the 1st July 2020, before moving on to Inverness Museum and Gallery and then travelling to Canada in 2021.

The participating artists are:

Kawisara Ananasaringkarn is a multidisciplinary designer and co-founder of Coth Studibased in Bangkok and is interested in craftsmanship and identity.

Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong is an artist jeweller based in Glasgow with an interest in ethical and sustainable making practices and materials.

Prach Niyomkar is a weaver and textiles designer who runs MannCraft based in Sakon Nakhon, with an interest in collaboration and sustainability.

Lynne Hocking-Mennie is a weaver and scientist based in Aberdeen, with an interest in data, identity and working collaboratively.