Valerie is an award winning actor and filmmaker based in Toronto. She began as a puppeteer and ventured off to study various methods of performance. She works both in theatre and film.
In theatre she has most recently acted in the one woman show 9 Parts of Desire, Scorched and The Veil. She has toured across Canada with these shows.
As a filmmaker, her unique vision allows the actor to participate in the visuals as well as the emotions of a film. Her films have been seen internationally and received much acclaim.
As a director in theatre Valerie is exploring methods that will make the performer safe and move beyond their own parameters of technique.  She most recently directed the one man show Don’t Look Down at the Berkeley Street Theatre in Toronto.
Valerie is presently writing two feature films, developing a theatre piece with UK artist Peter Reder, will be going to Antigua to make a feature film with Hama films. And will be directing Susanna Hamnett’s one-woman show Birthday.