Melanie Wilson is a London-based performer, writer and sound artist. She makes performances, installations and sound walks that centre upon the use of sound as a distinct, immersive agency that is powerfully evocative of place linked to state of mind. Her most recent performance Autobiographer, a sound poem for four voices which represented the unravelling mind of a woman suffering from dementia, toured in 2011 and 2012, including a run at Toynbee Studios in London.
Autobiographer was nominated by best sound design at Dublin Fringe Festival in 2011 and Melanie was awarded the Best Sound Design for the same show at 2013’s Off West End Awards.
Landscape II:
Landscape II is a new solo work by Melanie Wilson combining performance, film and sound which constructs a conversation across time between three women in 1899 and 2013.
Landscape II distills live performance and live sound together with a brooding and poetic use of film and projection to create an elemental portrait of three minds rooted together by a landscape in the Devon wilds. The piece revisits Melanie’s interest in the use of solo voice, text and sound to create unusual, minutely observed performances that experiment with genres of theatre and sound art. This will be the first time Melanie has integrated film into this approach.