Erno Langenberg is an architect currently living and working in Amsterdam.  He holds a Master of Science in Architecture after having studied at the Delft Technical University in the Netherlands and at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark.
Working as a professional in architecture for several years, both in office environments and as the founder of the office ELstudio, he has participated in a wide variety of projects. These range from the design of a commemorative 5 Euro coin for the Netherlands, to research into sustainable African metropolises. Central to the work is the use of the computer in the design process with the aim of generating sustainable architectural solutions by combining programming skills, spatial awareness and creativity.
His latest research focuses on the use of digital fabrication methods to produce ceramic architectural elements. This research was initiated at the EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre) in the Netherlands and will be continued at the Cove Park Residency.
Selected projects include: – developing a discussion platform and blog about 3D printing for architectural use, 2015, Even Clay Wants to Be Something – research into the architectonic possibilities of digital manufacturing ceramics in architecture 2014, International competition (3th prize) for the conceptual master plan design for the Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia; concept phase and scripting in collaboration with DASUDA, 2014, Studio for Unsolicited Architecture – research project concerning the use of vacant 2012 office buildings for generating energy, project initiated by the NAI-Netherlands Architecture Institute in collaboration with The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, 2012.