Margot Conde Arenas is a Venezuelan, Colombian, Welsh and Dutch multidisciplinary artist, performer and facilitator based in Glasgow. Working across live performance, video art and movement, her work explores decoloniality; migration and displacement; homelands; traumatised bodies; womanhood; biophilia; and ancestry. Creating and collaborating in socially engaged contexts, her arts practice focuses on amplifying unheard human stories and transgressing the memories and limits of the physical body. She aims to seek out the unspoken, unwritten and the forgotten. 

She has a keen interest in movement and narratives within the body; analogue technologies; live music; and delving into the materiality of film & shadows. As a movement artist, she creates choreographies inspired by landscapes around her, and within her, and by communities surrounding her. Margot’s practice is inherently collaborative, working with young people and underrepresented communities; as well as collaborating with the natural world to inspire exploration of the human relationship with nature and urbanisation.

During her time at Cove Park Margot intends to further investigate decolonial perspectives through academic and creative research, and to allow herself to wonder through the possibilities of embodying decolonial performance as an anti-hegemonic experience; expressing corporalities of struggle, resistance and re-existence.
We are delighted to continue our partnership with The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to offer a recent graduate from the Contemporary Performance Practice a research residency at Cove Park. In 2022, this residency was awarded to Nell O’Hara. In 2021, this residency was awarded to Sally Charlton.