We are delighted to be partnering with The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to offer a recent graduate from the Contemporary Performance Practice a research residency at Cove Park. In 2021, the residency has been awarded to Sally Charlton.

Sally Charlton is a multidisciplinary performance artist based in Glasgow. Sally graduated from the CPP programme in 2021 with First Class Honours. She creates work for both studio theatre and site-specific contexts, with both performers and non-performers. She is interested in how this weaving of high aesthetic and socially engaged practices can enhance each stylistically and politically. Her work often uses autobiography as a starting place, paralleling personal timelines to world events and using the physical body to connect with wider political and cultural landscapes. Inspired by Judith Butler’s theory of ‘grievability’ and Stephen Greer’s writings on martydom, her work focuses on an attempt to connect with those not present. She uses performance as an attempt to communicate with them, embody them and grieve them. Sally intends to use her time at Cove Park to process her personal and global grief from the past year and to reflect on and develop her recent solo work ‘Mother’s Milk’; an exploration of maternal lineages.

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