Saoirse Amira Anis is a Dundee-based visual artist and curator. Her work includes photography, sculpture, installation, performance and publications and she describes her creative process as one through which she can explore ‘… the fascinating and beautiful relationships between materials and memories.’ The artist is interested in her personal ancestry and responsibilities surrounding the continuation of her cultural heritage; she also actively investigates personal therapeutic processes and the extent to which caring for ourselves and others can bring both personal and political benefits.

Saoirse is one of 11 artists taking part in the Crisis Residency Programme, 2020/21. Over the past few months she has focussed upon her work as an administrator and curator with GENERATORprojects in¬†Dundee, creating opportunities for other artists in the city. Having lost all access to studio space during lockdown, this residency will enable Saoirse to focus entirely upon her own practice at a critical moment, to ‘… reconnect with the physicality of making things’ and to build upon the work she developed for the Black Lives Matter Mural Trail at Jupiter Artland, as part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2020. She intends, as a city-based artist, to take full advantage of Cove Park’s rural location and explore the connection between sculpture, performance, movement and the digital aspects of her practice.

Image: Saoirse Anis, ‘We can still dance’, 2020, photographic installation at Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh.